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Adressed to Unity HDRP "Next-Gen" projects

Modules are based on a prototype tooling's system of FarLands, built demonstrate Unity latest capabilities  :

- High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP*) Core Extension

- Full Body Rig System

- HDRP Meteo and Vegetation system

Modular Tooling makes the use of Unity for big scale project more fast and easy.

Every core module of the project will be available for lifetime on purchase with included updates, demos and docs. Included soon.

 Modules for Unity HDRP

Core HDRP Extension

Core HDRP setup

+ custom HDRP gameplay utility tooling (outline, etc)

     Advanced Lit surface Shader set

    VFX Shader set

    HDRP graphics utility tooling

    Docs and Demo

 deployment cost : 600 USD

Full Body Rig System

Crazy editor/runtime "procedural" animation tooling for Unity:

Animation Tool

Runtime FullBody IK and ragdoll system

FullBody Rig Auto Setup


Docs and Demo

  cost : 20 dollars/seat

HDRP Meteo Sky Clouds Vegetation Extension

HDRP Advanced Sky and Clouds Integration

    Full Skybox tooling with Day & Nights cycle solution and Meteo Reactive factor.

    3rd party Vegetation System with Meteo and Players reactive factor.

  Next-Gen Meteo System tooling with advanced feature set

  Docs and Demo

  deployment cost : 1500 USD


Consulting :

Average cost per Hour :
24 USD

Average Material cost per Hour :

VFX Assets Production :

Average cost per Hour :
28 USD

Average Material cost per Hour :
6.50 USD

Assets Production : 
Character & Animation RigSetup

Average cost per hour :
28 USD

Average Material cost per Hour :


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