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We Tale the Legend

Beat them all - adventure game for XBOX/PS/PC

We Tale a Legend is a free-creative adaptation using a Next-Gen tooling in reference an old game that used to impress me, using exclusive features 15 years ago on PS2 : Spartan Total Warrior by Creative Assembly.

It's like a creative-free extension of this universe, this game introduced real-time battle with a lot of IA, a free-of-mind and creative universe that I use as a play-ground and example to deploy the Next-Gen alike capabilities, Using ECS / DOTS architecture from Unity, to get the best out of IA and CPU usage, coupled with HDRP and extended tooling.

Hope you are ready for legend-like, ground-breaking battles.

I am Currently working on it..

No release Date!


Our Vegetation come with a huge set of third party shaders, including wind, season or a variety of effects !

Vegetation Assets are managed by optimisation components.


Our tooling need to be battle-tested

This prototype is mean to be the  play-ground to test the feature set from Far From Here HDRP Extension modules


We are using a lot of Assets Library

except for characters & animation.

like Quixel Megascan & SketchFab


This project is actually rebuilded to be upgraded from 2020.2 - DOTS 0.16 to Unity 2022.2 - DOTS 1.0,

.... Which have offically broken most part of the old code, it wil take time before new technical demo come out again showing this prototype

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