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3D real-time video-clip for YouTube made with Unity

This project start with a friendship.

It took some time to gather ideas and materials for this one, "Wow" is a collaboration with MAAYA, mixed by Gloka and produced by HXRDE Records.

Elaborated on free-times with no funds, only for fun.


Capture d’écran (10).png

We found the tooling that fit perfectly our needs!

With ProBuilder, Cinemachine, Unity HDRP,  Far From Here studio Extensions for Unity, and a bunch of other tools. We were able to work smoothly into the Unity Engine to create our vision for a short film dedicated to be a high-quality video for YouTube, the ability to manage every thing from Assets Editing  and Animation to Camera's management, all in real-time is powerful.

For external editing tools we were only use Krita and Blender, which is free tooling too.

Watch Now!!

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