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Mutiplayer setup

The game is made for one player up to four simultaneous players.
We implemented Unity's multiplayer solution and services (Netcode and Relay) to create a robust game fundation base on a player/lobby system to join a friend's party or start one solo.
We are now working on PlayerID management and third partys store integration

Each player will be able to pick one of the four premade Characters, each one taking different a strenght in fight and role about narrative. However we are working on a weapon and skill system that allow user to freely adapt each character to the desired playstyle.

We are using Pixel's crusher dialogs system to leverage multi-choice dialogs, we added Facial Capture animation's to enhance the dialogs with animation recorded syncronously with raw sou
nds captures. We aim to find professionnal voice actors to bring the final touch of talent.
Here is a quick video showing a facial capt
ure sample, thank to Arkit (Live Capture package) and our custom actor setup, once recorded, a dialog can retargeted on any of our characters.


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