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MeteoVFX provide a set of powerfull seasons and meteo effects for Unity 2022 LTS using High-Definition Render Pipeline. Built using ShaderGraph, VFXGraph, and CustomPass, it provide anything you need to extend your own content to use dynamic feature provided by the MeteoVFX.

Unleash dynamic Rain and Snow effect to your scene: MeteoVFX provide comptatible Terrain, Foliages, and various Lit Shaders with subgraph library to craft your own.

Additionnally MeteoVFX provide unique features : for VFX "coverage" and Water systems. Plus, we provide a set of 2D/3D noise ready to use for specifics Volumetric or Wind Effect and the Support for DOTS/ECS, with utilities to convert SpeedTrees assets with global wind support, for a huge performance gain.

The Demo is running using raytracing(DXR, DX12) setup. ThirdParty content from Unity Technologies included, please refer to the included License and the ThirdPartyLicence files for more details.

Installation Guide :

  • Install the Lastest Unity 2022 LTS

  • Unzip and Open the project with Unity

  • Enjoy

Online Documentation :


50,00 €Prix
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